Why airport hotels are a smart choice

Why airport hotels are a smart choice

Want to know the perks of staying close to the airport? Booking hotels close to Schiphol and Brussels Airport is comfortable and only a 20-minute ride from the city centre! Read more on these convenient choices.

When choosing a hotel, one has to consider the pros and cons of booking by location. But why not simplify it all and book close to the airport? The following hotels not only offer an exemplary service, but also provide shuttle transport to and from the airport. Brussels Airport is only a mere 10 km away from the city, Schiphol no more than 5! Not only a comfortable consideration but a price-friendly one at that. We’ve set a few perks in a row if you’re not yet convinced.
Park, Sleep & Fly = no rush
Booking an airport hotel is especially convenient when your holiday starts at the break of day. Park, Sleep & Fly is a perfect solution and often cheaper than just parking at the airport. It’s as simple as it sounds. Park your car for free nearby the airport, rest up comfortably, stack up on an early breakfast and a shuttle bus brings you promptly to the airport. No inflated parking costs, no traffic jams and no rush. How else would you envision a relaxing start to your journey?

Accessibility = no hassle
Plenty of hotels offer shuttle services to and from the hotel, some at no additional cost. Public transport is also a viable option with trains, busses and taxis travelling between airport and city throughout the day. Did you know that Schiphol - Amsterdam is only a 15-20 minute trip by train? The same applies for Brussels Airport to Brussels’ city centre. And if you’re by car, parking around the airport is a breeze. Especially with plenty of options to do so for free via the hotel like Park, Sleep & Fly. Avoid the hassle of losing your way to the city or finding a parking spot when finally there!
Comfort = no stress
If your trip requires travelling farther from the airport but you have an extended layover, relieve some stress at the hotel. Hotels cater acutely to the need of travellers to de-stress before or after a flight. A comfortable bed, fluffy pillows, free toiletries, WiFi and the ability to use their facilities. Turn your otherwise endless and boring layover into something pleasurable! Have some spare time? Prolong your stay and discover the city that’s just around the corner. The perks are straightforward: an accessible, affordable and comfortable way to travel. Convincing enough reasons to book your hotel close to the airport!
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