Discovering Croydon’s Street Art

London is known for its many different boroughs, each with a unique personality and charm. Croydon, one of our favourites, is a particularly vibrant and individual area, with many cultural spots, a brilliant nightlife, and a wash of impressive street art adding to its creative vibe.

In the last decade, the street art community in Croydon has soared to new heights. In collaboration with the council, tens of talented local and visiting street artists have been hard at work, decorating the canvas of Croydon with signature styles and all kinds of designs.

Finding street art in Croydon
If you’re visiting London, whether you’re staying in colourful Croydon or elsewhere in the city, be sure to visit the street art hotspot for an experience like no other. Among ever-alive bars and coffee shops, retail spots, and residences, Croydon’s street art shines. Look up, high on walls, where some of the most masterful pieces are hidden. 

Much of the borough’s best work appears loud and proud across buildings in the centre, though there’s plenty to be seen hidden in alleyways and off the beaten track too.

The street art of Croydon captures the neighbourhood’s soul and showcases it as a hub for creativity and youth culture. Murals spring up week after week. Explore the works around Surrey Street and St George’s walk, where you can find the Croydon Mural Project. The project showcases more than 100 murals in collaboration with the council and is an exciting exhibition for any visitor to the area.

With a reputation as the home of some of the best street art in the UK, Croydon is a brilliant place to visit for budding artists and enthusiasts alike. Plenty is going on in the area, so you can enjoy a full day or weekend of excitement in one of London’s most vibrant boroughs.
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