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At ibis, we’ve upped our vibrant so you can leap into autumn

Now next-level spotless and completely contact-free


Thrilled that autumn might actually be a thing this year? Yeah, so are we. And we are 100% here for you, prepped for an epic season. We have chefs on stand by to cook up a ma-hoossive breakfast for you. We’re plumping pillows so you can share an autumnal urban adventure with your crew. And we’ll point you in the direction of all the best city shops for an epic retail-therapy session.

At ibis hotels, we’ve upped our vibrant so you can leap back into life this autumn. We’ve done some serious deep cleaning and rethought every step of your stay to make sure you’re completely safe.

Our all-new ALLSAFE cleanliness procedures mean we’re now next-level spotless and completely contact-free, at check-in, in your room, in your every experience. Everything ibis is ALL clean, ALL ready, ALLSAFE.

So with that sorted, bring on autumn and EXPLORE. You’re freeeeee!

Go dance like no one’s watching where everyone is. Go mooch through cobbled streets. Go hiking and stop off in a super-cosy hut, with a roaring fire and toasty mulled wine. Go beer drinking, go harvest festivalling, go early-season skiing. Go run, go jump, go share moments. Go be you.

Then have the best night’s sleep. Ever.