The North Sea: 3 beaches worth seeing

The North Sea:3 beaches worth seeing

There are plenty of great places to uncover along the coast. How about sinking your toes in the sandy beaches of the North Sea? Check out the following 3 hotspots.

Take in the fresh air, soak up the rays or even sport it up a bit. It all comes together at the beach during an ideal weekend getaway. If you enjoy sailing, hiking along the dunes or just idling about, check out the North Sea! Explore and take your pick between Scheveningen, De Panne or Zandvoort.
1. Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Say the word ‘beach’ to a Dutchman and Scheveningen will inevitably come to mind. This stretch of shoreline along Zuid-Holland has also been a tourist attraction for some time. Hotels are just a stone’s throw away from the beach, perfect for absorbing that curative sea air! Scheveningen’s long beach and wide boulevard offer an abundance of fun places to visit. Stroll along the promenade or the Scheveningen Pier, or enjoy some fresh fish further down at the harbour. And for those looking for some physical recreation, get your fix as well! Scheveningen has numerous schools offering lessons in surfing, kite surfing, fishing and sailing; a true water-sport Walhalla. Handy to know is that trams frequently traverse between Scheveningen and The Hague city centre.
2. De Panne, Belgium
Touching the French border, De Panne is the widest and westernmost beach in Belgium. The seaside town owes its name to the dunes that surround it, originally a fishing village set in a ‘panne’ or dune hollow. The beautiful natural reserves nearby the hotels are excellent options for a leisurely walk. The beachfront itself is equipped with suitable facilities like showers. In addition, the ample choice of terraces will certainly provide you with enough entertainment opportunities. A coastal tram route is found parallel to the beach; seize the day and discover the entire Flemish coastline!
3. Zandvoort, The Netherlands
Lodging in Amsterdam doesn’t necessarily mean you’re far away from the beach. A workable option close to the capital is Zandvoort aan Zee, everything you would expect a bustling beachfront to be. Public transport between Amsterdam and Zandvoort are viable via direct train and bus connections. Over 30 beach bars and clubs are open for business between March and October, each showing off their own theme. From ‘see and be seen’ fashionable hotspots to humble beach bars to wind down in. A handful remain open during the winter months, a cosy chance to warm up after a cool walk on the beach.

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