Summer of Sports

Summer will be sporty with ibis!


Travel across Europe to follow the disciplines that will thrill you this summer. Don't miss the most-watched football competition in Europe, live the rhythm of the world's most prestigious sporting event, and join the parade of caravans and cyclists along the Tour de France. And after those exciting moments, relax with us.

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  • Marseille


    Dive into the beating heart of Marseille, the Vieux Port (Old Harbour). Escape the hustle and bustle of the city in the charming neighborhood of the Panier.

  • Eiffel Tower Paris


    Paris offers everything you could possibly need: a place you can enjoy culture, gastronomy, romance, shopping and business - perhaps all at once!

  • Bordeaux


    Synonymous with wine and for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there's never a bad time to visit Bordeaux.

  • Lille


    Let yourself be overwhelmed by the charm of the capital of Flanders! Lille is popular for its varied neighbourhoods, historical heritage, thriving cultural life and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Düsseldorf buildings


    Discover Düsseldorf's mix of modern art in the K20 Museum, scenic beauty along the Rhine promenade and the lively atmosphere of the old town.

  • Berlin


    Berlin reinvents itself every day. More than ever at night. Experience the pulse that never seems to fade here.

  • Munich


    Experience Bavarian cosiness and tradition in Munich. Discover the English. Garden or a museum. Sit back and relax in the beer garden capital of the world.

  • Cologne


    Here, amidst the grandeur of the cathedral and the warmth of its people, every step unveils a tapestry of culture, history, and endless possibilities waiting to be embraced.

  • Dijon


    Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, and friendly atmosphere, and let Dijon ignite your senses and inspire your wanderlust.

  • sunbeds at the beach in Cannes


    We've selected the best hotels in Cannes, the world capital of the 7th art. Explore its historic district and old port for a romantic weekend.

  • Nice harbor


    Let yourself be tempted by the lively and timeless atmosphere of this beautiful seaside city.

  • Toulouse


    Let the "Ville Rose" reveal all its history and charm by browsing its streets and monuments. An essential stop in the heart of South West France.