5 reasons for a city trip to Ghent

5 reasons for a city trip to Ghent

Ghent is the largest city in Flanders and specifically catered to students, and the city centre reflects this perfectly. There is plenty to uncover and experience day and night, so check out 5 reasons to make Ghent your next city trip destination!

History, culture and Belgian beer. It all comes together in Ghent. What makes it perfect for a city trip you ask? We give you five reasons to include Ghent on your bucket list: 

1. Ghent: Flanders’ student capital
Fully absorb the student atmosphere that makes Ghent a popular tourist destination. Enjoy a beer on the terrace or unwind in a cosy Belgian café. Your wallet won’t be overwhelmed either as the prices are student-friendly! Be sure to check out the bars and discos at the Oude Beestenmarkt for a taste of the nightlife. Studio 69 and Café Video are also found here, perfect spots to get your groove on until the earlier hours of the morning. 
2. Big city, small town vibe
Ghent’s compact city centre ensures everything is within reach. Easy when sampling its genuine charm on one of the many terraces. The Graslei and Korenlei are the main terrace hotspots along the banks of the river Leie. A further walk through the city centre is an ideal way to get a feel for Ghent’s ambience. Check out Gravensteen Castle, the Korenmarkt, Emile Braunplein (where you can visit St. Nicholas Church), the Belfry of Ghent and boundaries of the City Pavilion. Plenty of cultural highlights all within a comfortable radius!
3. Discover the city by water
Fancy a view of Ghent from a different perspective? Embark on a cruise through the beautiful canals of the city. This way you tick off a series of attractions in 1.5 hours! The tours leave from the corner of the Kraanlei, a stone’s throw from Gravensteen. 
4. Shop till you drop in Ghent
Shop to your heart’s consent during a city trip in Ghent! The city centre is home to numerous areas where you can shop for pretty much anything and everything. From popular fashion chains to exclusive designer wear, second hand buys to art and antique. The areas in Ghent better known to shoppers are the Langemunt and Veldstraat. The best fashion and interior shops are found in Brabantdam while the Jan Breydelstraat is your spot for art, antique and vintage. There’s no shortage of the latter in Ghent so keep an eye out for second hand treasures!
5. Out of the ordinary: spotting street art!
It’s not plainly obvious, but there are several other hidden gems among Ghent’s historical architecture. Did you know there are 52 pieces of street art waiting to be admired? Forget Saint Bravo Cathedral’s famous ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ for a minute and instead take a moment to delve into Ghent’s street art. Uncover the murals around the city yourself or with a little help from the Visit Ghent tourist office by the Oude Vismijn. VZW, a graffiti collective association, organises graffiti tours through the city from mid-March to mid-October. Get your tickets online! 

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