Wohnstil Glamour Look

Glamour look: Luxurious interior design

"A little gold and silver, a little glitter glitter" - who would have thought that Deichkind's song lyrics hid tips for today's decorating trends in 2006? We live in a time of contrasts and infinite possibilities. This means everyone can find exactly what suits them in every conceivable area of life. The same applies to interior design. On the one hand, there is the minimalist lifestyle that focuses on purist design. On the other hand, extravagant furniture for an ideal glamour look is increasingly in vogue. You can create a little palace within your own four walls with plenty of glamour, elegant colours and unusual pieces of furniture. Other names for this eye-catching interior design include Modern Glam, Hollywood Glam and Hollywood Regency. It is inspired by the royal houses of the Baroque epoch, and occasionally the style is also reminiscent of a salon from the golden 20s, of Art Deco.

Extravagant furniture for more glamour in your home
The glamour living style is all about bringing a touch of luxury into your living room or bedroom. It can be refined, elegant and splendid in this case. High-quality materials meet bold colours and exude an extroverted, inviting charm. Patterned wallpaper, marble, glass, mirrors, leather and velvety designer furniture make the dream of royal living come true to a degree. Upholstered chairs, expansive armchairs and, generally speaking, curved surfaces are the furniture of choice. Although the glamour look thrives on bold colours and a touch of decadence, don’t overdo it. The room will look cluttered and unstructured with eye-catching objects everywhere. As a guide, for each section of the room you should choose between a single extravagant piece of furniture and several, smaller accessories. Also, golden decorative elements look best on dark painted or wallpapered walls.
Glamorous living: Trendy colours
Opinions differ on the "right" colours for the glamour look. Some rely on soft tones such as grey, beige and sand as a base, which are complemented by bold colour accents in gemstone colours such as ruby red, turquoise, opal green or petrol blue. Others insist on clever use of metallic-look wall paints. But be careful, copper, red and various shades of gold lend a room that glamorous something only when used sparingly. If there is too much, the room quickly becomes unnatural and cold. Others go for a simple, pared back form of glamour in black and white. No matter which variant you choose, it's important to stay within one colour family - otherwise you run the risk of the whole interior looking kitschy.
Even more ideas for the glamour look
Another way to try out the glamour interior look at home is with lamps. Extravagant luminaires in geometric shapes, metallic colours and with warm light can be installed without much effort. The effect that is achieved is all the more impressive for it. Other small tricks can also yield great results without having to rebuild the entire apartment and turn it upside down. Large mirrors with an elegant frame, for example in matte gold, visually enlarge the room. This illusion can be used to great effect especially in smaller apartments. If you want a little more glitter you can use elements with sequin trim sparingly, whilst pearls look even more sophisticated. The trendy glamour look can be rounded off with a few rugs and runners that also provide a pleasant feeling underfoot.
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