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5 inspiring trend sports

Trend sports provide variety, fun and new challenges. Which trend sport suits you best?

What are trend sports?
Trend sports develop from existing sports or take up completely new ideas. Social media often determines whether new sports become a trend or not. This is how news gets out about trend sports and how they quickly find new fans. It's not unusual for a trend sport to arise from social aspects. Which of these trend sports do you think have the potential to enter the mainstream?
Trail running: Running over hills and valleys
Trail running is a trendy sport that definitely doesn't get boring. When trail running, leave the tarmac of the city behind and head out into nature. Roots, boulders or streams may end up on your route. Jogging through the countryside exercises the entire body, improves fitness and speeds up reactions. This trend sport is right for you if you like jogging and hiking and are not afraid to combine the two.
Hyrox: Intensive trend sport with intervals
As a complex trend sport, Hyrox combines three training methods in one: functional strength training, high-intensity interval training and classic endurance sport. Each athlete completes a total of eight 1 km runs in intervals – against the clock. Each running interval is followed by a strength exercise: These may include lifting kettlebells or swinging battle ropes. Depending on your fitness level, workouts last from two to seven minutes. There are different performance categories. These differ in the number of repetitions and also the weights involved. This means everyone can try out this challenging trend sport! Hyrox is definitely one of the more challenging trend sports and is guaranteed to push you to your limits.
Bikram yoga: Sweaty trend sport
The exercises are performed at particularly high temperatures in Bikram yoga – which is also known as hot yoga. The exercise room is heated up to between 38 and 41°C. The 90-minute course follows a precise sequence of yoga poses – there is no assistance from the teacher in Bikram yoga. The much higher temperature improves the freedom to move joints as well as improves balance. Bikram yoga also has a particularly relaxing effect. If you want to really work up a sweat while practising the asanas, then this trend sport is the right choice.
Plogging: Environmentally conscious trend sports
Are there any trend sports that not only keep you fit, but also help the environment? Absolutely! And plogging is a fine example. Running routes are cleared of litter as runners come equipped with gloves and rubbish bags. Collecting rubbish while jogging is becoming increasingly popular. It started off in Sweden and has become an international trend sport. Plogging is a combination of "jogging" and "plocka upp", the Swedish term for picking up. The hashtag #plogging publicises such actions in social media. You can also use this to discover groups for a "green sports session" in your area. Try new sports in nature. This does both your body and the environment a power of good. Also, by bending over and leaning forward, plogging exercises more muscle groups than traditional jogging.
Stand-up Paddling: trend sport meets balance
One of this summer's most popular trend sports: Stand-up Paddling – or "SUP" for short. Besides muscle strength and coordination, a good sense of balance is naturally needed when out on the water! You stand upright on a SUP board when stand-up paddling. You use the paddle for propulsion. Good swimming skills are a prerequisite for this trend sport – as you'll find yourself in the water sooner rather than later. SUP paddling is not just to be enjoyed in the heat and sunshine – if you have a wetsuit and waterproof shoes, you can still get on the board in the cooler months.
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