best restaurants in lisbon

Best Restaurants in Lisbon

Choosing one from the best restaurants in Lisbon won’t be an easy task. But we assure you the experience will be unforgettable.

When exploring the best restaurants in Lisbon, get ready to discover a feast of flavors and trendy food. Find traditional Portuguese dishes, influenced by the proximity to the sea and a strong gastronomy heritage, and an innovative foreign touch that will make you fall in love with the local food.
Trendy and Gourmet
When looking for the best restaurants in Lisbon you’ll definitely find many of the top places in Portugal, some Michelin stars, a very creative cuisine and excellent dishes. During the last few years these restaurants have been going through a quiet revolution: taking off from some of the most traditional recipes and combining them with contemporary techniques and flavors, unique and modern dishes have been bringing innovation to the table in these luxury restaurants. Apart from the aromas and ingredients, you’ll also be able to enjoy your surroundings. Book your table at one of the best restaurants by the Tagus River and marvel at the view from your window. You’ll also be able to enjoy your meal in some of the best viewpoints in Lisbon, where some luxury restaurants are located. Thus, Lisbon offers not only amazing food and quality dishes, but also incredible places with views into the city and the river that you won’t be able to forget.
Tastes from all over the world
If you’re in the mood to try foreign dishes, Lisbon has a vast offer of highly rated restaurants with flavors originating from the Mediterranean, to Asia and Latin America. Around the “Parque das Nações” area you’ll also find very good Sushi and other Japanese dishes. For spicier options, look for Brazilian and African restaurants. The strong links between Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique made Lisbon a true hub for the lovers of food originating from these countries.
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