nightlife in lisbon

Nightlife in Lisbon – Have Fun all Night Long!

Lisbon is one of the greatest cities in Europe to hit the town and enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Explore the best areas and prepare yourself for doing some serious bar-hopping and dancing the night away.

A night out in Lisbon is sure to be a non-stop dance party, an opportunity to discover wonderful bars and having an altogether fun and exciting evening. With a booming bar and club scene, Lisbon is one of the places in Europe where you’ll be sure to find something thrilling at every corner.
Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré - Eat, Drink, Dance
Start your evening in one of the best viewpoints of the city. Around Chiado and Príncipe Real areas you’ll find many interesting bars where you can have a drink before going out for dinner and enjoy a beautiful view of the city at night. To stay close to where most of the action happens at night, try one of the traditional restaurants in the Bairro Alto neighborhood and then head out for some bar-hopping around the narrow streets. Make sure to bring some comfortable shoes as Bairro Alto’s cobblestone streets are not high-heel friendly. You can also try Cais do Sodré area, once dominated by strip clubs and seedy bars and today one of the most lively and interesting places to spend a great evening in Lisbon. Try the bars around the “Pink Street” and have a bite to eat at one of the tapas bars.
Alcântara and Santos – Cool and Classy
Try one of the newest attractions in town in Alcântara: the Village Underground. Built out of shipping containers, the area is a business center by day and a cool club by night. Also in Alcantâra, head out to the river bank and try one of the crowded and very popular classy clubs built inside former warehouses. If you’re looking for a younger vibe, try the Santos area where you’ll always find crowds of young people having fun at the little bars along the streets. There you’ll also find many popular and trendy clubs where you can dance the night away.

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