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What is the best price guarantee ?

How does it work ?

If, after booking an The Accor Group hotel on one of our websites, you find an equivalent offer on another website for the same hotel at a lower price and within 24 hours of making your reservation, we promise to offer you this rate with an additional 10% discount.


Rate reserved on : EUR 200
Rate found on another site : EUR 180
Final rate applied by : EUR 135 (EUR 180 - 25%)

How do I benefit ?

  1. You book a hotel in the The Accor Group on one of our websites, taking advantage of our best rates available, and you get a reservation confirmation number.
  2. If, in the following 24 hours, , you find a lower rate for an equivalent offer on another website (same hotel, same dates of stay, same room type, same conditions of sale, etc.), complete the online form on our website, attaching the required supporting documents to request application of the best price guarantee.
  3. After verifying the information submitted, we will apply an additional reduction of 10% on the cheapest rate found.
  4. You can enjoy your stay at the best price guaranteed for your room.