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The perfect living room concert

Some activities such as large gatherings and events are still not possible without some restrictions. This also includes festivals in the UK and public concerts. However, necessity is the mother of invention and some activities become a trend. This certainly includes the living room concert or sofa concert. You will find out below exactly what this means and how your living room concert can become a real highlight!

Choose the location for your living room concert
For starters, think about how many people are in your group and where the artist should perform. Pay attention to your neighbours as well. Inviting a brass band to an owner-occupied apartment is not conducive to getting along well with your neighbours. Admittedly, a cosy room with a tightly packed audience may have a certain charm at a living room concert. That said, during the coronavirus pandemic, it is much more practical to use a larger room instead.
Finding artists for living room concerts
Nowadays, there are many different websites where artists offer their services for private performances and living room concerts. You can conveniently filter according to criteria such as city, price or genre. Your advantage: The quality of the artists is usually checked on such sites before they can get a listing. This means you don't run the risk of booking an imposter who has never played an instrument before.
The price range of a living room concert
When it comes to price, it's obvious: the more people you have at home, the cheaper a living room concert will be per guest. A band is usually more expensive than a solo artist – unless you insist on booking Phil Collins. In particular, less well-known artists also perform for a small fee. Offers from soloists can be found for as little as €150. Usually, the cost of a band consisting of three people in your living room will start at around €500. There are no upper limits to prices.

Our tip: Form a group and take turns meeting your friends in their homes. The host books an artist of their choice for the sofa concert at a mutually agreed price range. This means you can be surprised with a "blind concert".
Suitable occasions for a living room concert
A living room concert can be a stand-alone event. You can also use the concert at home to provide a musical background for certain occasions. How about some romantic background music when you propose? You can also use a private living room concert as a surprise at a birthday party – perhaps in the manner of an Ibis room concert?
Plan the living room concert properly
It is better to discuss too much than too little with the artist in order to ensure that the living room concert is exactly as you envisage it. Both of you will feel more confident this way. Make the artist aware if it's a themed party or special occasion. State whether it is to be an atmospheric concert or a quiet affair with music in the background. Are there pieces or themes that you would rather not play at your living room concert? What about the technology and space available in your home? Is an amplifier necessary?
How to make your living room concert a hit
Once the planning for your living room concert is sorted, it can finally get underway. As is the case with all activities, the same applies to a living room concert: you and your friends are primarily responsible for the atmosphere. Prepare a small festival around the sofa concert with suitable decorations, refreshing drinks and tasty snacks. A living room concert is a welcome change. It can bridge the gap until it becomes possible to attend concerts and travel again – or to combine both in the form of concert tours.
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